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High air pressure DTH hammer
High Air Pressure DTH Hammer K-4

Technical Parameter
Item Description Weight (KG) Part Number
1. Top Sub 6.9 K4-01
2. "O"-Ring of Top Sub 0.01 K4-02
3. Check Valve 0.2 K4-03
4. Spring 0.05 K4-04
5. Air Distributor 1.04 K4-05
6. Internal Cylinder 1.5 K4-06
7. Piston 7.8 K4-07
8. External Cylinder 13 K4-08
9. Guided Sleeve 1.5 K4-09
10. "O"Ring of Stop Ring 0.01 K4-10
11. Stop Ring 0.3 K4-11
12. Driver Chuck 3.1 K4-12
13. Drill Bit   K4-13
Product data  
Length(Without bit) 863mm
Weight(Without bit) 35.0Kg
Bits shank K4
External diameter Φ100mm
Bits diameter Φ108-Φ135mm
Connection Thread API 2 3/8"Reg
Working Pressure 1.0-2.5Mpa
Impace rate at.1.7Mpa 35Hz
Recommended rotation speed 30-60r/min
Air consumption 1.0Mpa

Note:A kind of DTH hammer which is shorter but more efficient and energy efficient.we called them super speed series DTH hammer.